Manufacturer of butt-weld pipe fittings and specialist machining for the petrochemical, nuclear, gas and oil industries, Norsok Ed4, BP, Aramco and Shell approved.

Establishing a global reputation for excellence in any field is a significant achievement in these days of intense competition and burgeoning new economies. When the markets are the highly complex and technologically advancing petrochemical, nuclear, gas and oil industries, that achievement is more impressive. SSE Pipefittings Limited has been manufacturing for over seventy years, today we are renowned nationally and internationally for providing an unsurpassed level of manufacturing expertise, quality and service to our customers.

As manufacturers for the world's most demanding markets, we are proud to be at the forefront of technological development, with a continuous programme of research, refinement and improvement.

SSE Pipefittings Limited are manufacturers of Cold Formed Butt-weld Pipe Fittings, Extruded Outlets and Manifolds etc. in Austenitic, Duplex, Super Duplex Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, 6Moly, Titanium, Copper Nickel and Various Aluminium Grades.

Flanges & Specialist Machining

SSE also offers specialised turning and machining services. Having our own 2 fully equipped in house machine shops, we can offer a range of subcontracting machining services. Whether it be for single bespoke items or high volume manufacturing, SSE can offer superior service and efficiency second to none. We already rough machine bar blanks for many clients to save them expensive CNC machining costs. We can manufacture Nickel Alloy flanges from bar blanks to ASTM B564 from your free issue material or full supply. We can also cut the Bar for you.

SSE hold stocks of F51 and F55 Forgings and semi finished Flanges in all Ratings up to 2500#. Our Service is quick turnaround of specials and hard to obtain items.


  • 4 x 36” Webster and Bennett vertical borers.
  • 3 x Herbert No. 9s
  • 1 x Ward 10
  • 3 x Colchester Mastiff 1400’s
  • 6 x Herbert No.7s
  • 5 x Centre Lathe
  • 2 x Herbert No.5
  • 2 x Herbert No.4s
  • 2 x Automatic Drillers
  • 3 x Radial Arm Drillers










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